Bag of Gardetto's next to a bowl of Gardetto's


Finally, a snack mix worth gathering around.

Irresistibly bold

In 1932 the Gardetto family bakery made a snack mix out of breadstick trimmings. Throw in some snack bits and blend of special seasoning, and you’ve got the boldly flavored snack mix we know today.

There’s more than just the original recipe. Try all the great snack mixes in the Gardetto’s lineup.
  • Italian & Italian cheese blend
  • Pizzeria
  • Chipotle cheddar
Fun facts about Gardetto’s

The family behind the flavor.

Johnny Gardetto

Meet Johnny Gardetto

A member of the Gardetto family still works as a principal engineer at the GMI plant in Milwaukee.
The original Gardettos bakery in the 1950s

It started in a corner bakery

Italian immigrants, Baptiste and Diane Gardetto, began baking fresh bread and breadsticks in 1932.
Gardetto Snack-ens

Say hello to Snack-Ens

Made from breadstick trimmings, the so-called “Snack-Ens” later became the snack mix we know today.