Food waste

We believe everyone should have access to good food and that it should never go to waste.
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A multifaceted approach to rescue food

We believe that food waste is an environmental and economic issue. The General Mills Food Waste Action Team takes on food waste, which then helps advance our goals in food security and climate change.

Tackling food waste

We’re just as passionate about reducing waste as we are about increasing access to food.

Whether it’s decreasing waste in our operations, inspiring surplus food recovery or helping people waste less at home — it all makes a difference.

How we do it:

Operations: We closely monitor our processes to make sure food is kept out of the waste stream and we’re reducing food waste in our offices.

Industry: We’re involved in the larger community of industry, nonprofit and government groups focused on food waste and recovery. Part of our collective effort is to regulate food product date labels to help reduce food that’s thrown away.

Food retailers: Grocery stores, restaurants and food outlets — this is where we can make a big difference. We invest in technology that’s helped more than 30,000 locations to participate in food rescue programs.

Consumers: We believe that education inspires action. We help people understand how to save food at home with initiatives like Save the Food and #tastenotwaste, that provide tips and tricks to reduce waste.

Communities: It takes a village. We support nonprofits that help manufacturers, grocers, restaurants, distributors and trucking companies donate surplus food to people in need.

Quick Facts

Our goals and progress

Number 1


Cut the food waste in our operations by half by 2030.
Number 2

Zero waste to landfill

Achieve zero waste to landfill at all owned production facilities by 2025.
Number 3

48 million

Meals enabled by donations of General Mills food worldwide during 2023.
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